What's new in 2016!

Just like every year, many surprises await you at Floreval Adventure Park in 2016.

For starters, the launch of Floreval Club and Night Courses!

Joining Floreval Club is free and will allow loyal visitors to have many benefits:

  • After two visits: you may be exempted from attending the safety pre-course. However, you will receive a brief reminder of safety regulations,
  • After five visits: receive a stunning T-shirt matching the park's colours,
  • 10 activities* = next activity for free,(*on ten different days),

During your birthday week, you can go free on all your activities if you come celebrate it at the park with at least 10 friends,

More surprises to come for the rest of the season!

Also new this season: Night courses! Floreval Adventure Park will be open a few nights per year to let you experience adventure courses at night with the only available light coming from your headlamp.

Come and discover a unique and original experience with family or friends!