Thrill Course

Are you a thrill-seeker? If you are a bold kid aged 13 or over and aren't afraid of heights, this course was made for you!

A few examples of the sections you will find:

  • The jockey's bridge: go across the section by putting one foot after the other in the stirrups attached to the bottom of lianas. A good way to test your flexibility!
  • The surf'air: pretend you're a surfer by gliding down to the next platform while holding onto a rope.
  • The Tarzan leap: gather your courage and grab a liana to swing and jump holding onto a net located a few metres away.

For extra fun, the course includes a 60-metre descending zip line!

You may have access to the course once you have received the briefing on safety standards and the operating rules of each section.

Our instructors will continuously monitor your progress throughout the courses.

Spectators may follow their adventurers from the paths below to cheer them and take pictures!

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