Escape Course

This blue course was designed for kids aged 9 and over who have a thirst for escape. The young adventurers will climb up to 5 metres high.

A few examples of the sections you will find:

  • The scoot'air: gather your courage and start riding a scooter on a narrow ramp to the next platform,
  • The little bear's beam: cross by setting a foot down on each beam hung from a rope: imbalance guaranteed!
  • The pirate's lianas: go through U-shaped fixed lianas holding onto them,

The young adventurers will be able to recover halfway by having a unique gliding and speeding experience with the three descending zip lines.

You may have access to the course once you have received the briefing on safety standards and the operating rules of each section.

Our instructors will continuously monitor your progress throughout the courses.

Spectators may follow their adventurers from the paths below to cheer them and take pictures!

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