Emotion Course

The orange course promises to be memorable for fearless kids aged 11 and over! You will climb up to 7 metres high with sections challenging your balance, strength and coordination.

  • The chimpanzee swings: ready to do the splits? Hold onto ropes and move forward from one swing to another.
  • The Tarzan leap: gather your courage and grab a liana to swing and jump holding onto a net located a few metres away.
  • The lumberjack's bridge: test your balance by going across a log with a safety cable.

Speeding and gliding enthusiasts will be pleased to know this course includes a 50-metre descending zip line!

You may have access to the course once you have received the briefing on safety standards and the operating rules of each section.

Our instructors will continuously monitor your progress throughout the courses.

Spectators may follow their adventurers from the paths below to cheer them and take pictures!

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